Location, Location and Longer Stays

In the old days, paying guests used to ask permission to stay in homes like Glenlohane. Many things have changed with expectations and certainly technology. Although most guest businesses do, in fact, have online booking like booking.com, we certainly do not. To stay with us, one still needs permission. It needs to be an ideal fit – and is certainly not ‘a bed for the night.’ In fact, it’s just as important for guests to see the fit as it is for us. That is why we don’t have a ton of entries in TripAdvisor – as we don’t take a ton of guests. At all. And if you do read through the entries, they are paragraph after paragraph per entry. In fact, some of them are life changing – the ideal guests certainly are for us. You bring us updates and insights into your world, world affairs, world perspectives – basically, you bring life into Glenlohane and we live for this.

Also in the old days guests would come for longer stays, even staying for weeks on end. This has changed with the B and B business and certainly with online booking. However, not for us. Due to our location, we are in command of the entire Scenic Southwest of Ireland and thus day trips are simply ideal. And our guests don’t want to have to go from place to place. At the end of a great day, it like returning home and whether we welcome you or Razzie the terrier or Fritz the cat welcomes you, it is like coming home.

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