We all know it’s been a late spring. From a farming perspective we are well over a month behind. So harvest will be much later. Besides the wetness, soil temperatures need to reach a certain warmth in order to stimulate growth and to germinate. If that doesn’t happen we get put behind the 8-ball so to speak.

Livestock are certainly an issue as well. The cows and sheep would far rather be out than in. Wouldn’t you? If they go out too early, the land gets what they call poached or basically it’s made into a mucky mess and hinders growth for the future. One also runs the risk of soil run-off.

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One of the key attributes of Irish animals is that they are grass fed. Not only is it a far better life for the animal but it is healthier for them and for us down the line. This is certainly not the case in the states where cattle are fed corn and the industry keeps them inside and not out on grass for most of the production. Add to this the growth hormones and it’s not a pretty picture, though it feeds the millions and millions who depend on it.

So for us at Glenlohane, we get to have the animals outside. The little guys get pretty sprightly and chase each other all over the place and jump up in the air and kick their legs out. It’s quite a site for us to enjoy daily and our guest’s love it too as you might imagine. Spring might be late but it might just make it more enjoyable for everyone concerned!

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