Bono & Ireland’s Most Beautiful Houses


We were just featured in a stunning book called Hidden Ireland – Discover Ireland’s Most Beautiful Houses. It’s certainly an honor to be in such a book but the party and launch in Dublin took the cake. We had press from all over Ireland and Europe as well.

Regardless of all of the fanfare, toasts and raised pinky rings, the best part of the night was during dinner when I got a chance to catch up with Bono. I worked for Citibank in Dublin when I was fresh out of Roanoke College in Virginia and the Alliance Francaise in Paris and I got a contract with the bank in Dublin. After working out in my gym at night down in Temple Bar (before it became trendy), the guys and I used to go to an old but classic dump of a bar called the Norseman pub and Bono’s bassist Adam Clayton used to hang out there. Although a huge U2 fan, out of respect, I would never go up to him but we would give each other the nod back in the day. So I asked Bono how Adam was and he was doing and if he had met Donovan the rock hall of fame singer. He hadn’t but said that he might like to at some point and now he knows of a place close by he can stay and maybe even jam. Donovan life in our old vestry church house and he and his wife wife also rescued the church which shut down as it closed down right after Grand Daddy died. So they saved it and we see them from time to time. His wife Linda would like to video Donovan playing in front of a roaring fire in our drawing room. I told this to Bono and I also shared that he had the best rock and roll voice since Robert Plant – so he was invited to join. He is pretty easy to talk to, looks in great shape and youthful and was a serious pleasure to talk to.

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