Government here is suddenly getting into gear about climate change.  Plastic packaging is going to be restricted. There are carbon taxes coming on coal, peat, heating oil, etc. The government lags in nearly last place within the EU, therefore all of these taxes we will have to pay…..nothing new. They are also instituting all sorts of grants for photovoltaic panels, wind farms, geothermal heating and upgrading insulation. I do not know how we will heat houses like the 17th century cottage and the 18th century Glenlohane in the future.

They are looking to vastly reduce our cattle herd—reduce eating of red meat and use of milk. Our cattle herd is three quarters the size of the U.K. herd and something like 60% of meat consumed in the U.K. comes from Ireland. They are looking to cut out all those farting cattle! In the Vintage Restaurant in Kanturk last night I was saying to the owner Steve Boles that—years from now—he will be serving Beetle Burgers!

Unfortunately, Ireland had to give up its sizable sugar business to get into the EU – so now the global footprint from bringing in sugar from South America is really unacceptable. However, if we wanted to play, we had to pay. We make a point of trying to use local foods – always – and we also have our own free range eggs (when the hens aren’t on strike).

a farm in the scenic southwest of ireland

Minding the sheep – guests love them!