Droughts R Us!

We’ve experienced the biggest drought in recent history and although the Irish weather has been stunning for our guests, even the farmers were grumbling. We have planted over 50 trees throughout the 250 acre farm this year and I set up a huge watering tank and bilge pump and hose set-up so that I can get most of them from the truck. By August, I had to do this 5x which is alot. Usually, I might have to do this only 1x before August and then a number of times from August through September and maybe even into October.

We had some terrible storms that came in hard from the Atlantic in the winter a few year’s back and they took many of our gorgeous centuries’-old trees down. We were in tears as these old places were lovingly planted with an eye to the future. That is why our setting is referred to as a parkland setting. It is very serene in its own right and if you add the horses and sheep and fantail pigeons who fly about, it is really special.

So I took it to heart to fill out the lines of trees that are like tunnels and are the only one’s perhaps in Cork like this. People come from miles away to walk along the roads around our farm and now they get to see my newly planted trees which are lovingly attended to and which (mostly) are doing rather well. We have our own well and they get the best water and my system allows me to go start to finish in about 3 hours. Since our 5-6 weeks of drought, most are still doing well but we do need a little rain – just to keep our 50 shades of green going strong.

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