This marks the year of the 40th edition of The Good Hotel Guide – a guide that has tried to make sense of the ever-changing hotel marketplace in Europe. It’s a fairly old-school testament to bring value to the customer/consumer by being very¬†particular about who they allow into the fold – until us, that is! It also tends to be far less commercial in focus than other marketing liaise’s, if you will.

While it does focus on hotels, it is more of a ’boutique strategy’ and it certainly is this way with regard to guest houses, manors and estates in Ireland. I have been in touch with Adam Raphael who is the publisher and he has known of us for some time. He is also kind of big deal with the BBC, The Guardian, The Observer and, of course, The Economist. It would also be remiss of be not to say that The Good Hotel Guide was just given great accolades in one of my old-time favorites, Forbes. The staff at Forbes consider the guide to be one of their most trusted travel companions. Back in the day, my father (Desmond Sharp Bolster) used to ride his Vincent motorcycle with Malcolm Forbes who I am sure could never keep up on his Harley. But they had fun, regardless and dad said ‘Malcolm was a fine chap.’the good hotel guide, guest houses, boutique hotels

We are excited to be a part of Adam’s organization. It’s rather exclusive, far from commercial, and it’s a good guide for boutique hotels and guest houses in the the European corridor. He, of course, will join us at some undetermined time (as that’s what they do – just like The Michelin Guide does with Glenlohane) and we look forward to his take on world affairs, geopolitics and the general update on his take on global matters at hand.