It’s been an interesting winter in Ireland. The rainfall has been strong but the weather has been rather mild. We did get some snow (so far) but for the most part (except a hurricane, of course) we have been pretty lucky. We’ve also received the gifts of lots of sun from time to time. This means that it has been great for some motorcycling and certainly touring around, hiking and walking.

Old Head Kinsale Touring winter in ireland

Old Head Kinsale Touring

I’ve gone up through the Galtees and the Ballyhouras which are close and which are fabulous mountain ranges. I’ve also gone out to the Beara Peninsula which I adore and out to Old Head near Kinsale. Lots of people are out when the weather is nice. I think that people really appreciate it all the more here so that is a nice way to look at things I think.

Locally, lots of people park near Glenlohane and love the walks here in the country. We work hard to maintain the farm and we have probably some of the nicest rows of beautifully maintained, roadside trees in all of Cork, if not Munster. I didn’t make this up – locals who care and who love this historical planting by my forefather’s have shared this with me. All I have to do is maintain it and it sure beats sitting behind a desk.

We look forward to the spring but the winter is always a good time to work on inside projects and to get caught up on things. We’ve had quite a few guests from all over the world and our first guests ever from Papua New Guinea. They took the whole house and were super interesting. What a gift.

beara peninsula touring

The tip of the Beara